About Us

The PeddlerWe are The NWI Peddler MarketPlace.

To start this off  and instead of jumping into the About Us I’m going to give you a little background on how this MarketPlace came about. I was just like you, going to work for somebody else and working 60 to 80 hours a week. Never having any real time for my family or to even enjoy life a little. The monotony of the real everyday working life doesn’t leave much for anything other then work, sleep and eat. I finally had it and decided to do something about it.

In The Beginning

I had decided to go into the Resale business, buying other peoples stuff and reselling it. We started going to storage auctions and tested my luck on a few storage units. I had picked these up for a few dollars and they where jam packed with stuff. Most of the items where large items like furniture so I had to figure out how to sell it. Craigslist was great for this so I took some pictures then wrote some descriptions and started listing my newly acquired stuff there. Things didn’t sell as fast as I would have liked but I was making good money off the things that did sell. Remember I only payed a few dollars for the units I won at the auctions so the profit margin was huge. But furniture couldn’t be the only thing I sold, so I started listing my own personal property. Things I didn’t use anymore or wouldn’t miss.

Turning Point

The turning point in my small resale business was when my wife had gone to an estate sale. We wanted to try other avenues of approach with purchasing inventory to sell. The first estate sale was a jackpot, we paid $100 for a room full of boxed stuff. Majority of the boxed stuff just happen to be a lot of Antique, Vintage and Collectible items that someone had been collecting for years. I had been selling stuff on eBay for years and most of the new stuff we got from the estate sale where small items. So I started investigating my newly purchased treasures, pricing them opened up an eBay Business account and started selling. Now i was no professional eBay er at this point I just used eBay from time to time. My things started selling and I was happy, until I got my first eBay bill and realized how much of my profits eBay and PayPal where taking. I researched other marketplaces and tried listing in several, but they either wanted to much too or people just weren’t seeing my stuff. Unless I paid for the marketplaces advertisement. I had to figure something out.

Trial and Error

I’ve worked with computers all my life, even ran a few servers off them for games me & my kids played. I decided to build my own e-Store and sell my stuff that way, how hard could it be. I purchased my first Domain name “The Secondhand Peddler” and paid for server space to build my website with WordPress. It took a bit to figure it out but I was up and running in a few months. It was a sloppy website with half butt descriptions for products. The graphics on my website where in shambles and the website in general didn’t do what I wanted it to do (Beginners). It took about 6 months of pounding at the keyboard, researching and learning before things started coming together. Finally I had an e-Store that I was proud of and did what I wanted. I started listing everything I had on my newly finished e-Store and connecting it to other marketplaces and Social Media. Then a light-bulb came on and I realized if I had so many problems then what about everyone else.

Birth of The Peddler MarketPlace

I remember some of the people at the auctions going on about having problems selling there stuff out of there stores. These are brick & Mortar store with a physical presence. They where limited to the area that they where located at, but my stuff was being seen through out the United States. So I came up with a new idea and built a new website, The NWI Peddler MarketPlace. An e-Store with vendor shops open to anyone. My main audience for this new website was geared more for beginners in online sales. I didn’t want those big eBay sellers trying to upload tens of thousands of products on my server. Also didn’t want my MarketPlace to be anything like eBay or the rest of them with bulk upload, Political views, Corporate rules and Corporate prices. We wanted to help the little guy, the struggling entrepreneur that’s trying to get into online sales.

About Us

The NWI Peddler MarketPlace is a family ran Online MarketPlace. We are here to help you with low prices and expertise. We are upfront about everything. Here you pay a flat rate of 5% only and all the bells and whistles are free. As the site aggressively develops its sellers tools with tomorrows technology you the seller will be given access to these free. We are building a Marketplace with a social network to help bring communication to Vendors and customers. We are a family ran organization and are here to help bring products to customers with minimal political rules