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Marketplace Blood Suckers

nickles and dimes with a marketplace collector wheeling off your profits in a wheel barrelNickles and Dimes, Nickles and Dimes

Even though I have built this online MarketPlace I still use other marketplaces to push my products and name. Mamma always said “don’t put all your pickles in one jar”. No she really didn’t say that but it sounded funny and you got the point. Every time I turn around I’m being Nickeled & Dimed by these other marketplace blood suckers. Some promise you a low 3% sales charge but if they advertise your stuff even a little Wham!!! You just got hit with a 12% sales charge. At least eBay is up front about how there going to rape your earnings Plus the PayPal charge just for collecting your own money. PayPal should be paying us interest because a lot of us leave our hard earned sales money in our PayPal accounts. By the time your done paying all those Nickles and Dimes it ends up being around 20% of your sale.

Don’t be a Blood Bank for the Leaches

eBay, Bonanza, Etsy, Amazon are all nice and have been around for a bit. They feel because they have such a large audience they can charge the high prices and the individuals don’t matter. New time and Era, new marketplaces are popping up every day. Most of them are charging outrageous prices too but you can find a few that are reasonable. Your Social Media accounts are a great tool to help sell your stuff. Here at The NWI Peddler we have it set up so that you can drive your own sales with your Social Accounts. We advertise for you to. Yes we make a couple dollars off your sales but really only enough to help keep the site running plus maintenance and upgrades. We make our money off our own sales, we just don’t charge ourselves the 5%.

We are here to help the individual that wants to start making a small stream of income from online sales. Anybody can ask us to help them to set up there vendor shop and help design a logo if need be. We can even point you in the right direction as far as where to get inventory for an online shop. We take the time to help our vendors and customers out. Its because I got tired of the way the big marketplaces treated people and there is very little help in getting started. They have taken a simple thing and turned into a complicated monster and by the time the average vendor is done he has nothing but lint in his pocket.


Don’t be a sucker and fall into the madness of big marketplace blood suckers. Research the marketplace you want to sell on and how much there willing to help the individual. Use your Social Accounts to help yourself drive your own sales.