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Supplementing Your Income Little Risk Big Payout

    Everybody wants to make that quick dollar but most stumble around with fuzzy thoughts in there heads trying to come up with the perfect skeem to make money. Making money is easy and I’m not talking about making Millions I’m talking about bringing in a small income stream to help support your everyday living expenses. Sales have gone from the Old Brick & Mortar buildings to online sales. New online Marketplaces are popping up all over the internet, no longer is eBay and Amazon the only places to make a quick buck on your old and new stuff. Most Online Marketplaces charge a lot to sell on there sites or limit you to what you can sell or how much you can sell.

      Here at The NWI Peddler MarketPlace we don’t believe in being greedy but helping others out. We where and still are in the same position that everyone else is in only we have built an Online Marketplace to help with that. A lot of people are hesitant on selling there stuff or even finding things to sell online, they think that nobody wants to buy that or that’s not worth anything and that is absolutely false. Since I’ve been selling online I have determined one thing an that is that Everything Sells. One mans trash is another mans treasure and that saying has been around for a long time and for good reason. There are many ways to start out selling online and if you get really good at it you can expand into bigger and better things like opening your own E-Store or Marketplace get into drop-shipping and affiliate programs to help bring in more income. Your asking yourself, Well what do I sell and where do I get things to sell online? To start out go small and acquire a small low cost inventory.

Your Possessions

First sell your old possessions that you don’t use or want anymore, there is a huge market on used items online. Nobody wants to pay full price for anything anymore and people love discounted items. You don’t wear that watch anymore sell it, you are obviously not going to get what you paid for it but you will get something and its better then just tucking it away in that old jewelry box and eventually more then likely you end up throwing it away. Sell your old jewelry, your old electronics (people love to buy lots of old electronics and computer equipment). I’ve pulled my old computers apart and have sold memory chips, hard drives and computer boards, I collected up those old laptops that didn’t work anymore and sold those as a bundle of old non working laptops. Scrounge through your house and collect up all that old stuff you don’t use anymore because it becomes new to someone else.

Thrift Stores

These are a great cheap place to start too. I sell a lot of Crystal and Glassware online and I buy it for pennies. Most people don’t go to thrift stores and those that do don’t really know what there looking at. I did a little research on glass so I can tell what was old and the differences in the different types of glass. Now I can walk into a thrift store and tell you whats vintage and whats not, whats Crystal and whats regular glass. I go in and buy sets, not individual glasses, I can pick up a set of 6 Crystal goblets for $5 and turn around and sell them for $40 to $50 for the set. Thrift stores don’t label or research what there selling they just sell and if you know what your doing and are able to put a label on it then its worth good money. Most people just want to know what there buying  and that’s where the value come from. A set of 6 nice looking glasses or a set of 6 elegant crystal goblets manufactured in the early 60’s. What do you think is going to sell and for a good price.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is ran the same way thrift stores are ran, they take in donations and just sell the stuff for pennies. Those plates that sit on the bottom shelves of there stores are Discontinued Vintage China and most sell for $8 and up a piece. No its not all vintage old china but a lot of it is. People collect patterns and what they sell in abundance at your location they might not have in other parts of the States. So someone is always looking for particular patterns in glassware and cookware.

After a bit you can try out these options they cost a little more but usually worth the cost

Estate Sales

Estate sales could be a gold mine of treasures. I’m not talking about Mansions either, I went to an estate sale for a small 3 bedroom house and there was only 2 of us there for the auction. $100 bought me half the possessions in the house and have already made a couple thousand off the stuff. You can find a lot of collectible and vintage items at estate sales and for reasonable prices.

Storage Auctions

 Another good place to find good stuff to sell online. I’ve been to a lot of storage auctions and usually don’t pay a lot for the storage unit’s themselves and end up with a ton of things to list online. Storage auctions are a bit of work though, You have so many days to clear the unit out and you never know what your going to find in them. You usually get a look at whats inside the unit but you cant go into it to pick through the stuff. 

These are just a few of the places to find items to sell online. In later posts I will be going over each one of these places and there particulars to help you to find those unique and valuable items that sell.

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